Monday, January 21, 2013

Gummi bears for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is so difficult to organize every days living. "Normally" I have muesli/cereal for breakfast and either rice or bread for lunch and then bread again for dinner.

But sometimes I get confused and me and my routine get separated. Or I'm just too tired to have breakfast before I go to work. Then I just prepare a bread for the lunch-break and leave my apartment without breakfast. Maybe I grab some gummi bears, maybe not. Then I have the bread at the lunch-break at work and for dinner it depends again on my motivation. If I'm motivated and not too stressed from work I make another bread. But if I'm too stressed or too tired I just distract myself until I'm really hungry and then I have gummi bears because that is the fastest way to get some energy.

On weekends it is sometimes even worse. On some days I need till 3p.m. to start eating, and I don't know what happens to this time... often I don't eat but go to sleep instead, because I feel so out-of-energy (but not hungry). And even if I'm hungry I'm not really motivated to eat. I have no appetite. It's like brushing teeth. It's necessary and I know it, but nobody likes brushing teeth.

So at the weekends it is often even worse because there is no lunch break where I "have" to bring (or buy, I choose bringing) some food. So I can stick to gummi bears if I want to. (Of course I could bring gummi bears to the lunch break at work, but I know that this would not be appropriate.)

I don't feel good with this. But it is so difficult to change something.


  1. To cure your autism & your pain, stop eating carbs - as in no sugar or polymers thereof. Instead, eat a high fat diet - 75% fat, 25% protein, 0% carbs.

    1. Why this? I don't think I could do this (see my post above) and I thing, there is barely food without carbs (at all).


      As for food with those caloric quantities, try meat, cheese, & other animal products.
      You know, real food, the kind we evolved with.