Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bus driving

When I was studying my hobby was bus driving.
Not as a bus-driver, but as a passanger.

The place I liked most was the place right behind the bus driver, because there I could not see any other passangers and the bus driver could not see me through his mirror so I didn't feel watched.
So I could put my knees very comproftable at the glas-front between me and the bus-driver and watch out of the window. As a student I owned a card with which I could use all the buses in a certain (big) area for free.

I used to drive with the bus to the cities nearby, all the route through the city and back. And then all the thing again. Sometime several times a day. I also learned during sitting in the bus, but obviously I prefered just sitting there and enjoying the view.

Before that time, when I went to school I had to take the school-bus for two-hours every day (one hour every direction which I liked a lot). For the last year of school I also had the opportunity to use it much more because we had a lot of free lesson which I used to drive around the city with the bus.

But now its over. I have moved due to work. I don't know the busses here and I don't have the money for them. As far as I know here there are not as many busses as in the city were I studied. And other public transportation is just not the same. I don't like the train or the tram / cable car, because it doesn't swing as much. I wish I would be in the city where I studied again.

I am also sometimes thinking about changing my job in those of a bus driver. I have not found out yet why I'm not doing it. I guess it is because I want to learn about the world and I want to understand something quite badly, but the thing is I don't see this happening in my current job. And I miss bus driving. I would not be looking forward to learn how to drive one, though. I guess I bus-driver should not dream and that is what I want and miss?

Thank you for reading!

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