Sunday, November 04, 2012

My life is: Cube (the film)

Do you know the film Cube ?

It is about ppl  who awake insight of a gigantic cube and have no idea how to get out. They find out that the different rooms of the cube are moving around and that in some of the rooms are traps which will kill them. So they have to find a system which tells them in which room there is a trap and in which isn't. But the systems they work out prove to be wrong.

The film is also about my life. I am in a gigantic world / society, I don't know how and why I got inside here, aswell and I don't understand the rules according to which it works. And there are traps everywhere. If you / I got around one, then there is just the next waiting in another room. It is impossible (for me) to work out a system to detect the traps before.

Cube was the first and so far the only film which I have seen and completly understood (I am speaking about the first film of the series they made. I have not seen the other two.). Because the philosophy behind it seems just so natural for me, even though the film is very metaphorical. The characters are also easy to seperate from each other, and the speach is easy to understand.

Thank you for reading!

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