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Problems with medical doctor: don't know how to speak/communicate with him


I tried to make this post more readable. Hope this helps:

right now (that means for the last few month) I am having big problems with my medical doctor.
To explain this I have to explain first that I have very bad bud / hip / low bag pain. So this means, it hurts very much. It distracts me from everything. I can't concentrate on my work and I basically can't do anything in my free-time due to that pain because I just want to sit on a hot-water-bottle all the time because this decreases the pain.

The pain started in autumn 2010.

Background-Info which maybe is not necessary:

My doctor (another one) told me that it was just psycological, because I had a lot of stress. And I believed him, because I had a lot of stress.
However, I found out later, that I have lyme-disease (IgM and IgG positiv in a lot of tests!) (and other bacterial ilnesses which can in some cases cause joint pain, like yersinia). I know that there is a big debate about whether chronic lyme-disease exists or does not exit. For me, I am really sure that chronic lyme-disease does exist (in some cases). There have been studies which have proven that. Of course nobody knows how many people have chronic lyme disease but that doesn't matter.
And for my specific case it is as sure as it can be that I have chronic lyme disease. Of course there is some possibily for false positiv tests left, but that's always the case. And of course it is possible that my pain doesn't come from this or not only from this but has another reason.
So, I'm not saying it's totally certain, but it is as certain as it can be.
But my doctor, who is a specialist in pain, does not seem to understand. First he denied that it is possible (I'm not saying anything further) that my pain comes from lymes-diseas. Then I visited a specialist in lyme-disease who confimed that I have lyme-disease (he and another specialist in lyme-disease have confimend this several times now) and he seems (or seemed) to believe me now.
Or he seemed to acceped that it is possible that I do have pain due to lyme-disease.

End of Background-Info.

But I'm sorry, that is not what I want to tell you... It's difficult. Because the point is not that it is possible that I most possibly have pain due to lyme-disease (the chance is really high) but the point is that I actually do have very strong pain and that I want some treatment. But I don't get!

Or well, I do get SOME treatment (pain-killers from the doctor who is specialist in pain and antibiotics from the other doc occationally). But it doesn't help me enough. It is still so bad, I can't express. And the part of the last sentence is the point. I can't express. I don't know what to say. I don't know!! I am telling my doctor that I have pain and that it is strong! What else should I tell him? I do not know. Recently I have even stoped to tell him that I have pain, because I think he would already know if he believed me. I don't know if he does believe me because he sometimes pointed out that I don't have a prolapse and that there is a difference (?? don't know how to say) between the objective findings and my pain. So (when I don't say anything when coming to the appointment) he just asks me some stupid question about my work (because I work in research in a related field) and I give a stupid answer and thats all and than I feel really bad because I had the hope that he would help me.

You understand me?

There are always long brakes off silence when I visit him because I have no ideas what to say. I already said that I have pain, and he already said that there is nothing more to do for me (no more medication at least). Because he sais he doesn't want to give me more of my pain-killers and he sais there isn't an other one. The thing is that I know he is false. There are of course lots of other ones, I'm not that stupid. But from previous contact with other ppl and especially doctor I have figured out that it is a very bad ideas to tell them that you think that you think you know better than them. Of course I do not know if other pain-killer would work for me, I just know that they exist! But that is for sure! Maybe he knows and is just lying to me.

One time I was at he specialist for lyme-disease and he said he received a letter from my pain-doctor. The copied that letter for me. In that letter the pain-docter claimed that there is no good doctor-patient relation-ship. Well, I'm not the one who is lying. I'm not the one who is hiding information. I'm just the one who has learned that it is better not to tell the ppl who are hiding information what they are doing.

Why doesn't he just take it as it is?

Thank you for reading!

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